Fire Ring

Fire Ring

Available at both General Welding Locations in Elma & Henrietta NY and all Made In America Stores

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Manufactured in our hometown of Elma, NY, by General Welding & Fabricating, these steel fire rings will bring any patio together!

Our Fire Ring Systems consists of 3 separate parts: The Base, the Fire Ring, and the Rotating Grate. With additional accessory options available, you can create the perfect fit for your patio

First, you must decide on which material you would like. We offers a Heat-Treated Mild Steel with Black Paint or a Stainless Steel option. The Heat-Treated Mild Steel is lower in cost, and can withstand heat up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The Mild Steel is made from 7 Gauge Steel Plate Construction, while the Stainless Steel option will withstand the test of time with its 8 Gauge Steel Plate Construction.

Both Fire Ring options are 30″ in diameter, 10″ high and weigh about 53 pounds.

Style Of Your Fire Ring

We offer a wide variety of styles and shapes for you to choose from like USA & Flags, Deer & Pine Trees, Fish & Hooks, Each Military Branch, and more! You also have the option to have your fire rings customized with shapes & letter cutouts. Popular choices include Family’s last name, Bison, and more!

The Foundation For Your Fire Ring

Depending on where you live, there may be specifics on where you can have a fire on your property. The Fire Ring Base offers a solution so you can move your fire ring and protect your lawn.

The Fire Rings Base is made from a 3/16″ Steel Plate Construction and a 2″ Flat Bar Lip. The Fire Ring Base is also equipped with a screw plug for drainage. The Fire Ring Base comes in both Heat Treated Mild Steel or Stainless Steel

To Cook Or To Cover

An accessory for the Fire Ring, this solid steel construction rotating grate will turn your Fire Ring into a Grill! The Rotating Grate is able to spin 360 degrees and is completely height adjustable – So when you’re ready to cook, spin the grate off the fire and set your food on, rotate it back over the fire and adjust it to the proper height. When your all set, spin it back and serve! Some areas also mandate that your Fire Ring be covered – Just lower your Rotating Grate and it’s covered!



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