As the thermometer hovers in the 40s, snow and ice are no longer just on the horizon but are knocking on our doorstep. With winter setting in, it’s crucial to be prepared for the icy conditions that accompany it. While many are familiar with the benefits of using salt to tackle ice, it’s surprising how salt spreaders often go under the radar, especially in areas like Western New York.

Thanks to General Welding & Fabricating, you don’t have to go into the icy season unprepared. We believe that a good salt spreader is an essential tool not only for preventing icy mishaps but also for breaking down ice barriers. So, if you’re on the lookout for tools to fight off the frosty challenges, here are four exceptional tools from BOSS Snowplow that you should consider:

  1. WBX Walk Behind Salt Spreader
    • Portability: As a walk-behind spreader, this tool offers ease of use and mobility, making it perfect for personal use or small areas.
    • Efficiency: Designed to spread salt uniformly and effectively, it helps in ensuring that every corner of your property remains slip-free.
  2. TGS Tailgate Spreader
    • Mountability: This spreader conveniently mounts onto your vehicle’s tailgate, making it an excellent choice for larger areas or lengthy driveways.
    • Versatility: It’s not just for salt; you can also spread sand or other ice-melting materials with it.
  3. VBX Truck Bed Spreader
    • Capacity: Designed to fit into the bed of a truck, this spreader can hold a significant amount of material, making it ideal for businesses or properties with extensive areas to cover.
    • Power: Comes with a powerful motor to ensure even and broad coverage.
  4. SR MAG – The Ultimate Sidewalk and Walkway Tool
    • Precision: Designed for sidewalks and walkways, the SR MAG focuses on areas where slip-and-fall accidents are most common. Campuses, office complexes, and more.
    • Adaptability: Its ergonomic design ensures that salt or other materials are spread precisely where needed, reducing waste and ensuring maximum effectiveness.

In conclusion, as the ice begins to form and the snow starts to fall, don’t get caught off guard. Equip yourself with these top-notch tools from BOSS Snowplow to ensure your property remains safe and ice-free. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Stay safe and keep the ice at bay with the right tools!

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