Introducing American CLS Inc. Firewood Conveyors and Log Splitters: 50+ Years of American-Made Excellence, Now Distributed by GWFab!

For over half a century, American CLS Inc. has proudly upheld a family tradition of crafting exceptional American Made Firewood Conveyors and Log Splitters. With a legacy built on durability, performance, and reliability, their tools have become synonymous with “Heavy Duty,” “Commercial Grade,” and “Built to Last.” Now, General Welding & Fabricating (GWFab) is thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of these premium products, bringing the finest wood-splitting solutions to customers throughout North America.

A Rich Heritage:
The story of American CLS Inc. began over 50 years ago, when a family embarked on a journey to create top-tier firewood conveyors and log splitters. From the very start, their commitment to quality craftsmanship and dedication to American-made excellence set them apart. This dedication to tradition and innovation has only grown stronger with each passing year.

Built to Last, Crafted for Performance:
The legacy of American CLS Inc. rests on the foundation of building tools that endure the test of time. Their Firewood Conveyors and Log Splitters have stood up to the most demanding tasks, and customers across North America have attested to their exceptional quality. Whether you’re a professional woodcutter, a commercial firewood supplier, or a dedicated enthusiast, you can trust American CLS Inc. to deliver the ruggedness and dependability needed to tackle any wood-splitting challenge.

The Best Salesperson: Family, Friends, and Granddads:
What sets American CLS Inc. apart is their loyal customer base, which spans generations. The most passionate advocates for their products are often the customers themselves—family members, friends, and even granddads—who have experienced the unmatched performance and longevity of American CLS Inc. tools firsthand. These satisfied customers proudly share their stories, spreading the word about the superior quality and craftsmanship found in every piece of equipment.

Experience the American CLS Inc. Difference:
As the exclusive distributor of American CLS Inc. Firewood Conveyors and Log Splitters, GWFab is excited to offer these remarkable tools to our valued customers. Whether you’re embarking on a commercial wood-splitting venture or seeking the ideal log splitter for your personal needs, American CLS Inc. has a solution for you. Backed by decades of expertise and a commitment to American manufacturing, these tools are engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use and provide years of reliable service.

Join the Family Tradition:
Discover why American CLS Inc. Firewood Conveyors and Log Splitters have earned a reputation for excellence in the wood-splitting industry. With GWFab as the proud distributor, these top-tier products are now within reach of woodworkers and firewood suppliers across North America. Embrace the tradition of durability and performance that defines American CLS Inc. tools—because when it comes to wood splitting, only the best will do.

Visit General Welding & Fabricating to explore the full range of American CLS Inc. Firewood Conveyors and Log Splitters and take your wood-splitting experience to new heights. Trust in the legacy of American-made excellence and elevate your wood-splitting endeavors today.

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