Decade Later. ‘American Made’ Movie. Mark Andol Will Give Update at American Made MFG 2023 Conference

We are thrilled to share an extraordinary story of dedication, innovation, and the American spirit right here on General Welding & Fabricating’s Website. At General Welding & Fabricating, Inc., we take immense pride in our heritage, and today, we’re excited to bring you the remarkable journey of our founder, Mark Andol.

Mark’s Early Beginnings: A Journey of Innovation

Mark Andol’s passion for fixing and inventing products ignited at a young age. His innate curiosity and desire to create led him on a path that would ultimately shape the future of our company.

A Leap of Faith: The Birth of GWFab

As a young man, Mark’s father took a courageous step by using a second mortgage to open Mark’s first welding shop. Little did they know that this leap of faith would set the foundation for General Welding & Fabricating, Inc., a company that now boasts multiple large locations servicing major industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

Inspiring the ‘Made in America’ Movement: The Made in America Store

At GWFab, we believe in the power of American manufacturing. It’s this belief that drove our team to launch the inspiring “Made in America Store.” What began with just 50 products has now flourished into an impressive collection of over 11,000 items, curated from 500 different 100% American Made suppliers.

A Documentary That Defined an Era: ‘American Made’

In 2013, a groundbreaking documentary titled ‘American Made’ shone a spotlight on US manufacturing. At the heart of this captivating film was Mark Andol’s story, a tale of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to American craftsmanship.

We are excited to announce that we will be broadcasting this incredible documentary, offering you the chance to witness Mark’s journey and the impact it had on our nation’s manufacturing landscape. Stay tuned for the 10-year later updates, bringing you the latest developments from the last two seconds of the original trailer.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable journey of Mark Andol and the enduring spirit of American manufacturing. Visit to read the full article and explore the story that continues to inspire us every day.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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