General Welding & Fabricating is featuring a limited time, CAM Trailer sale! Right now, get $200 off any in-stock CAM Tilt-Deck Trailer while supplies last. Reliable, versatile, and safer when it comes to loading equipment, the tilt-deck trailer may be the answer to your next project!

What sets CAM’s Tilt-Deck Trailers apart from your traditional trailer is the bed of a tilt-trailer has the ability to slope down and allows for easy loading and unloading of your work machinery; Backhoes, tractors, and everything in between. This also makes tilt-deck trailers a safer option for loading and unloading equipment than a traditional trailer by removing the need for ramps.

Tilt-Deck trailers aren’t just limited to heavy equipment either. Landscapers can find many uses for a tilt-deck trailer, from loading lawn mowers to hauling mulch, a tilt-deck trailer becomes an easy choice. We even see some of our customers use the tilt-deck trailer for car hauling!

It’s easy to why the tilt-deck trailer is a favorite among the residential, commercial, and industrial industries. Between the easy loading traits, hauling capabilities, ease of use, and safety, tilt-deck trailers will always be an industry favorite.

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