It’s time to see steel as more than just construction material!

When you think of steel, you probably think of tough, industrial strength material you find in construction yards, and the frame of your vehicle. General Welding & Fabricating is on a mission to change the way you see steel.

Last month, we had a local church reach out to fabricate their new custom designed piece of wall art; a cross for their house of worship. Our team used the church’s design concept to create this one-of-a-kind piece.

The cross for a local church we made is from U.S. steel. The contrast of colors really makes this piece stand out!

The steel cross is only a recent example of what we’re able to accomplish here in Elma, NY. Equipped with our state-of-the-art, high-definition CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, Press Brake, and a newly added paint station, we’re able to create beautiful, complex pieces of art for almost any application. Any piece or idea you may have can easily be scaled to any size and customized to your needs – You dream it, we build or repair it!

In collaboration with the Made In America Store, we manufacture a line of 100% made in America lawn ornaments, wall art, fire rings, napkin holders, candle holders and more – All available now. We even unveiled our Lawn Game Scoreboard at the 100% U.S.A. made general store!

Our reach goes far beyond retail items, as we’ve also created artistic accents for all kinds of businesses in Western New York; Consumer Beverage’s aluminum awnings, Animals Always sculpture at the St. Louis Zoo, Buffalo Naval Park’s anchor restoration, fish-themed wall accents for a local sushi restaurant, grills & smokers, staircases and railings, fences, planter boxes, and much more.

Check out our “Project Gallery” for even more works of art with steel!

To get started on a custom art piece or project you may have, contact us today at;

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