Lawn Roller Custom Made w/ Hydraulic System for Easy Transport

Knox Farms is a beautiful park located in East Aurora, New York that spans over 633 acres of pristine land and is known for its natural beauty and recreational activities. In order to maintain the park and keep it looking its best, the team at Knox Farms recently invested in a custom hydraulic-powered Roll-N-Go lawn roller, engineered and fabricated at General Welding & Fabricating!

The Roll-N-Go is a powerful lawn rolling tool invented by General Welding & Fabricating founder, Mark Andol. The original Roll-N-Go was made for landscaping contractors on the go and attaches to your hitch. The Roll-N-Go system has two modes: Transport Mode and Work Mode. Work Mode keeps the lawn roller on the ground, flattening the lawn as it travels behind your vehicle. Transport Mode brings the tires to the ground, lifting the lawn roller off the floor and ready for transport. To switch between modes, simply flip the tongue of the Roll-N-Go!

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The Knox Farm Hydraulic Roll-N-Go is specifically designed to help maintain the park and make it more enjoyable for visitors. The team at Knox Farms worked with General Welding & Fabricating to design and build the Roll-N-Go to their exact specifications.

The Roll-N-Go is powered by a hydraulic system, which allows for precise control of the rolling process. It can be adjusted to apply varying amounts of pressure depending on the area being rolled. This is especially important when rolling areas with different types of grass or uneven terrain. The Roll-N-Go’s ability to adapt to different types of terrain is essential to maintain the park’s appearance and ensure that visitors have a pleasant experience.

The Roll-N-Go is also incredibly efficient. It can roll up to 10 acres of parkland in a single day, saving the team at Knox Farms a significant amount of time and labor. This allows the team to focus on other important tasks, such as maintaining the park’s trails, planting new trees, and ensuring that the park is safe for visitors.

In addition to its efficiency and precision, the Roll-N-Go is also eco-friendly. It does not require any harmful chemicals or fertilizers to maintain the park’s grassy areas. This is important to Knox Farms, as they are committed to preserving the natural beauty of the park and protecting the environment.

Overall, the Roll-N-Go has been a great addition to Knox Farms. It has helped the team maintain the park’s beauty and recreational activities while also saving them time and labor. As the park continues to grow and attract visitors, the Roll-N-Go will play an essential role in ensuring that the park remains a beautiful and enjoyable place for all.

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