Mark Andol Shares American Made Updates with Scott Paul on Manufacturing Report

Mark Andol, Founder of General Welding & Fabricating, Inc & The Made in America Store, joined Scott Paul on the Manufacturing Report to share updates on the American Made mission.

10 years ago, Scott & Mark worked together with many others to be a big part of the documentary ‘American Made‘. If you haven’t seen it – most everything is still relevant today – you also get the hindsight view of success so far for the Made in America Store. It is empowering.

Mark shares, “The supply chain issue is waking people up and it’s accelerating the movement of relying less from offshore. People are seeing the big box run out of inventory but then noticing our small stores have products – because it’s American Made.”

General Welding & Fabricating makes unique products that are sold in the Made in America Store.

Enjoy the interview below:

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