A week filled with 68-degree days and beautiful skies can be seen in Western New York. This creates the perfect opportunity to get your property, and your client’s properties, marked for the impending snowfall.

Introducing the Snowpole, the florescent orange fiberglass pole used to mark important points in your driveway – Available now at General Welding & Fabricating! Easily indicate street curbs, elevation changes, landscaping pieces, utility pipes, and more to help you better serve your clients. Whether you’re plowing, snowblowing, or shoveling, every contractor should have a set of these Snowpoles at the ready.

The most critical time for snowplowing is at early dusk or late at night. That’s why each Snowpole features a florescent body and a 360-degree wide band of reflective tape, aiding contractors in the dark or poor visual conditions due to snow. Each Snowpole also features a metal tip to securely drive the Snowpole into the ground.

Our Snowpole is made from sturdy, but lightweight fiberglass and are able to withstand the elements in Buffalo. In the occasion your Snowpole is struck, they are also flexible enough to bend but will return to its original position. It’s invaluable that these Snowpoles can bend and not break.

Find these Snowpoles at General Welding & Fabricating, $3.99 each. You can also find BOSS Snowplow’s full line if snow removal and ice management equipment at each location. We also carry rock salt, hats & gloves, shovels, and more!

General Welding & Fabricating is WNY’s Truck & Trailer Headquarters – You dream it, we build or repair it!

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