Snow Plowing Like a Boss!

The BOSS Snowplow HTX on a Jeep Rubicon💪Make some money on your Jeep obsession with a BOSS Snowplow. Built for half-ton trucks, BOSS’s HTX offers a strong, durable push frame and quadrant to clean up driveways and small business parking lots with a light-duty vehicle. Comes in mild steel, stainless steel or poly material.The Full Moldboard Trip Design trips forward when obstacles are encountered to protect the truck and plow from damage, and offers Smartlock Cylinders that lock blades in place when backdragging!Snowplow installation season is here! Schedule your snowplow installation, inspection,a nd repairs today. 2 locations, Elma, NY (20 minutes from downtown Buffalo) and in Henrietta, NY (20 minutes from Rochester) – 716-652-0033

Looking to make some extra cash this winter with a side gig? Then it’s time to check out snow plowing💸💸💸
General Welding & Fabricating has the equipment for you to start your own snow removal business. Plows, Salt Spreaders, and pushers are all in-stock, and there’s no better time than now to see what we have to offer. We even have financing options available!

2 locations: Elma, NY, and Henrietta, NY – 716-652-0033

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