As spring approaches, it’s crucial for horse and livestock trailer owners to consider the importance of regular inspections and maintenance. When most people think “Trailers”, horse and livestock trailers may not be the first thought. At General Welding & Fabricating, we understand that your trailer is more than just a vehicle; it’s an integral part of your livestock care. Here’s a comprehensive guide of what we check for at General Welding & Fabricating!

Essential Inspections and Repairs

  • Breakaway Brakes: Ensure operational efficiency. Regular checks are crucial for safety.
  • Breakaway Battery: Verify that it’s fully charged and the connections are clean.
  • Brakes: Check their operation to ensure they are functioning correctly.
  • Hitch Ball and Coupler: Inspect for any cracks, pits, and flats. Replace if necessary with a ball and coupler that match the trailer’s GVW Rating. We’ll also check the locking device, replacing it when worn.
  • Safety Chains and Hooks: We’ll check for wear and damage, and replace if necessary.
  • Tires: We’ll check your tire pressure, inflating to the PSI listed on the VIN tag, while inspecting for damage and wear.
  • Entire Trailer: Conduct a thorough inspection of the structure for damage, cracks, and wear. Repair or replace worn, damaged, or broken parts, gates, and more.
  • Jack: We’ll inspect the jack to ensure smooth operation.
  • Wheel Bearings: Properly greased wheel bearings are essential for ensuring that your wheels rotate smoothly and efficiently. Conversely, faulty wheel bearings can significantly hinder this movement. If wheel bearings are not functioning correctly, it can greatly impede your trailer’s mobility, limiting the distance you can safely transport it.

Additional Checks for Structural Integrity

  1. Trailer Structure, Axles, and Axle Attachment Bolts or Welds: Inspect welds, bolts, and rivets for wear or damage. Any worn, damaged, or broken parts can be repaired by our qualified technicians.
  2. Wheel Rims: Inspect for cracks and damage, and replace if they are bent, cracked, or damaged.
  3. Brake Controller: Check to make sure it’s working and receiving correct voltage

Regular maintenance and inspection of your horse and livestock trailers are not just about compliance or prolonging the life of your trailer. It’s about ensuring the safety and comfort of your precious cargo – your livestock. As the warmer months roll in, let us at General Welding & Fabricating help you prepare your trailer for the busy season ahead. Our team of experts is ready to provide top-notch service, ensuring that your trailer is safe, reliable, and ready to hit the road.

Remember, a well-maintained trailer is a safe trailer. Happy spring, and safe travels!

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