As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to think steel! At General Welding and Fabricating, we’re proud to offer a unique range of steel products at the Made In America Store, perfect for those looking to add a touch of durability and elegance to their festive celebrations – Plus, they’re 100% USA made right here in Elma, NY!

1. Steel Christmas Trees: Move over traditional trees, our steel Christmas trees are here to make a statement. Standing at 15.5” tall, these intersecting Christmas Trees are not only stunning with their iridescent paint, but they are built to last, ensuring you have a centerpiece for your holiday decor for years to come. Perfect for your work desk or holiday home decor! These are cut, shaped, and painted right in our shop in Elma, NY!

2. Lawn Game Scoreboard: Corn Hole, Horseshoes, Ladder toss, Spikeball, Kan Jam – Whatever lawn game you’re playing this season, the General Welding & Fabricating Score Board is the perfect fit! Constructed with 100% American made steel, this Score Board can keep track of points for both teams, securely hold two drinks with the cup holders on the back, and represents your style with a detachable topper!

3. Ornament Wall Art: Decorate your walls with our exquisite steel ornament wall art. Each piece is crafted with precision and showcases intricate designs and iridescent paint that are sure to catch the eye of every guest. Each piece is cut, formed, and painted here in our Elma, NY, plant. Right now we offer both the snowflake and Buffalo cutouts.

4. Artistic Steel Pieces: Steel can be beautiful! Our collection of steel art pieces are diverse, durable, and beautiful. These pieces make perfect gifts or can be a new addition to your own decor. Find patriotic pieces, Buffalo pieces, holiday pieces, and more! Note: will feature all the artwork that is ship-able. Find even more, bigger pieces at the Made In America Store’s brick & mortar location.

5. Scraper Cone Handle: Being from Western New York, a reliable tool to remove ice from your windshield is invaluable. The Scraper Cone is the best tool for the job bar none. The cone shape gives you 8″ of surface area at a time, making quick work of any size windshield. It also doubles as a funnel. General Welding & Fabricating took the idea of the scraper cone to the next level by offering a 23.5″ reach, perfect for those with pickup trucks. This answers the #1 complaint about the Scraper Cone – Not reaching middle of the windshield. The patented angled design adds the leverage you need to efficiently scrape ice anywhere on your windshield. Simply remove the head of your Scraper-Cone, place the Scraper Handle over the neck of the Scraper-Cone, re-attach the head, and you’re ready to go! The durable Scraper Handle is manufactured with U.S.A. made aluminum, so you get the benefits of a lightweight material that will last a lifetime and the rigidity.

Find the Scraper Cone at the Made In America Store or online here – SHOP TODAY

6. Fire Rings Systems: Our fire rings are not just functional; they are a work of art! Each Fire Ring System is made up of 3 parts: The Fire Ring, The Base, and The Rotator, each sold separately. Need the cooking grate, but not the ring? No problem! Each fire ring is made from 3/16″ Steel Plate and features a 30″ diameter. There are a wide variety shapes to choose from, or we can even customize them to suit your style or as a personalized gift for a loved one.* Perfect for patios, campgrounds, and lawn parties.

*Custom Fire Rings will take some additional times.

7. The All-American Grill: Made from high-quality stainless steel, the All-American Grill is a must-have for every BBQ enthusiast. A mobile mini version of our Fire Ring System, the All-American Grill is durable and sleek, making it a standout gift! Only weighing 20lbs, this compact grill system can be easily stored and transported from place to place and set up in a matter of seconds! When compacted, the “T” handle, used to adjust the height of the grilling grate when assembled, can be used as a handle to carry the grill.

The compact size, light weight, and solid stainless steel construction of the All-American Grill truly make it a one of a kind item that you can use year after year.

8. Decorative Metal Plant Hangers: As one of the top-selling products this summer at the Made In America Store, the steel plant hangers are the perfect touch to any patio or garden. Available in 3 different styles, these plat hangers make an elegant gift.

9. Scented Wax Vessel Holders: Before we talk about the holders, let us explain what a “Scented Wax Vessel” is. As one of the top-selling gifts as the Made In America Store, the scented wax vessel is a wax bowl infused with essentials oils, giving off beautiful aromas without the need of a wick – All the benefits of a candle without the danger of fire! Our steel wax scented vessel holders are a unique way to highlight your favorite fragrances from Scented Wax Vessels. They’re stylish and make a great addition to any room.

Looking to pair your holder with a Scented Wax Vessel? Shop for these 100% USA made gifts here, boxed perfectly for gifts – SHOP TODAY

10. Weathertech Products: We’re so very proud to say that General Welding & Fabricating is an official Weathertech dealer! Known for their quality and durability, Weathertech is leading the nation in 100% USA made floor mats, phone holders, and vehicle accessories. Although vehicle accessories may not be your #1 though when it comes to gifts, up-fitting a vehciles you use everyday has everlasting quality of life properties. Stop into General Welding today and order what you need today!

11. Gift Cards: If you’re unsure what to get, our gift cards are a perfect choice. They allow your loved ones to choose exactly what they want from our extensive range of products and services here at General Welding & Fabricating.

Celebrate this holiday season with the strength and beauty of steel. Visit the Made In America Store to find the perfect steel product for your home, garden, or as a unique gift. Remember, when you think of the holidays, think steel!


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