As a certified dealer of BOSS snowplows, salters, and pushers, General Welding & Fabricating is excited to announce the latest additions to our lineup for the upcoming winter season. Stay ahead of the snowfall with these innovative products, designed to make your snow removal tasks more efficient and effective – Restore Order!

The New SR Scout: Precision and Power for Sidewalk Snow Removal

Introducing the newest member of the Snowrator family, the SR Scout. This compact powerhouse is the ultimate choice for both newcomers and seasoned sidewalk snow removal professionals. With a width of just 34 inches, the SR Scout effortlessly navigates through narrow pathways and intricate entryways, clearing snow with unparalleled precision.

Powered by a robust 429cc Kohler engine, the SR Scout features a 4-foot fully hydraulic straight blade equipped with float and D-force technology. This allows for maximum lift height, effortlessly clearing obstacles and stacking snow with ease. Engineered with optimal ergonomics, it provides a comfortable working environment for extended operation. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your fleet, the SR Scout is the perfect entry-level machine or a valuable addition to any lineup.

The New VBX+ Salt Spreader: Innovation Meets Performance

Get ready to revolutionize your snow and ice management game with the VBX+, the dawn of spreader technology from BOSS. Designed for the modern contractor, the VBX+ is packed with smart features that put you in control like never before, allowing precise material distribution and seamless job site tracking.

The VBX+ 1.5yd auger is equipped with a deicing capacity of up to 1.5 cubic yards, specifically designed for your 3/4-1 ton truck. It is constructed to effectively break through frozen chunks of salt and sand. Say goodbye to downtime with easy-to-maintain components and unrivaled power and performance. With sleek LED lighting, advanced safety features, and intuitive design, the VBX+ is set to transform your snow and ice management operations.

The Stainless Steel HTX V: Corrosion-Resistant Performance

Introducing the Stainless Steel HTX V, built with business owners and homeowners with 1/2 ton trucks in mind. Available now in limited quantities, the 7’6” and 8’ Stainless Steel HTX V plows offer corrosion-resistant performance for reliable and long-lasting use.

At General Welding & Fabricating, we are proud to be your go-to source for the latest BOSS snowplows, salters, and pushers. Stay ahead of the winter weather with these cutting-edge solutions. Visit us today to learn more and get ready for the snow season with confidence!

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