Revolutionizing the Snowplow Game

Winter can be a challenging time for business owners and homeowners, especially when it comes to keeping driveways and parking lots clear of snow. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of BOSS Snowplow’s brand new 8-foot Stainless Steel HTX-V Plow, designed specifically for half-ton trucks. This latest addition to the BOSS lineup brings the power and reliability of their full-sized V-plows to lighter-duty vehicles, promising the same high-level performance and durability that the brand is known for.

Tailored for Light-Duty Applications

Understanding the unique needs of small business owners and homeowners, BOSS has engineered the HTX-V Plow to provide an effective solution for snow removal. This game-changing product is the answer for those who want the reliability and features of a full-sized V-plow, but need it scaled down to fit their half-ton trucks.

Feature-Rich Design

Sturdy Construction

One of the standout features of the HTX-V Plow is its robust push frame and center section, which are designed to withstand the rigors of snow plowing on smaller vehicles. Its durable structure means that you can confidently clear snow from your driveway or small business parking lot without worrying about compromising the integrity of your plow.

Full Moldboard Trip Design

Another significant advantage of the 8-foot Stainless Steel HTX-V Plow is its full moldboard trip design. This feature allows for better contouring to the surface being plowed, ensuring that every push maximizes snow removal while reducing the risk of damaging the plow when encountering obstacles like curbs or hidden ice chunks.

Stainless Steel Construction

With an 8-foot stainless steel blade, the HTX-V Plow ensures longer life and less maintenance. The stainless steel surface also allows snow to slide off more easily, making each push more efficient and effective.

A Versatile and Practical Solution

The HTX-V Plow from BOSS is not just for business owners with small parking lots. Homeowners with long driveways will also benefit from the plow’s effectiveness and durability, making it a versatile tool for anyone in need of reliable snow removal.


The 8-foot Stainless Steel HTX-V Plow from BOSS is setting a new standard for half-ton truck snow removal solutions. With its strong push frame, full moldboard trip design, and stainless steel construction, this plow is a welcomed addition to BOSS’s high-quality lineup. Now, business owners and homeowners alike can tackle winter’s challenges head-on, with a tool designed to make every push count.

So why let winter slow you down? With the new HTX-V Plow, you can conquer the elements and keep your property clear, all season long.

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